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They provide this addresses for Western Union purposes: 230 Ellis Ave, Irvington, NJ 07111 I'm getting texts from a Peter Hernandez (Bruno Mars) asking for Western Union wire because supposedly the charity websites are having issues.Started out like it really was him, but now I think it's a hacker.I’ve been scammed by a chinese dating app for ,000 USD. Is very knowledgeable of Toby Keith includes personal photos as well. 2 or 3 every other day on Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Refused so he ask how much can I send, he would repay me double and was good for it.I did not make those transactions but my bank still told me i am responsible for the bill. I had a friend request from one of our favorite music artists. He uses Facebook as Vincent Mark Sinclair and Skype as vincent.diesel5.For a full year every doubt ever question he answered and it seemed logical.I am ashamed to say I feel for it and are out a lot of money trying to help him get his divorce to be with me.My favorite country artist has been asking for money to help get his divorce for a year now that he’s been working on and says he finally got it and has tried a number of times to come see me in fact on his way tonight.She blocked him out of his account and finally after agile I loaned him 600 dollars to finalize his divorce.

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Everything you read on here is how they work and manipulate you by playing on your emotions and desire for it to be real.Over a month of getting to know each other was suggested a meet and greet through his management.Through that time he told me he was in a loveless marriage and had been searching his whole life for someone who really loved him for himself . When the meet and greet didn’t happen I was told his wife found out and was getting a divorce and all assets where frozen.Best suggestion is don't ever give money out over the net.If someone ask you for money, tell them to send you a request thru the mail.

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