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Do you understand what Asian women expect from a foreigner dude?I mean China is a massive landmass with nearly 5000 years of cultural heritage.Also, the taller girls in China somehow seem to be having more pride/ego than those at 5’3” or less.Btw, somehow being a software engineer in China is considered to be highly prestigious.🙂 Make sure to indicate your sex (male/female) correctly while setting up your Chinese tinder account as you can’t change your sex once the account registration process is over.Do add a couple of “Tall, Rich and Handsome” type pics.But the concepts could be utilized by the girls as well who wanna date online in China.

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You can of course disagree with me (feel free to explain in the comments) – but if you ask my opinion, then here it is- I had a few (only a few, but still) girls directly telling me that to them dating a foreigner meant dating a white guy from a western country.

My focus would be providing a genuine Tan Tan review so that no matter what you are looking for on Tan Tan (casual or serious), you can optimize your throughput, that is – number of successful happenings per unit of time.

🙂 Moreover, I’ll be writing my observations from a heterosexual male’s expertise – so the post is obviously going to be helpful to the guys out there.

But that’s not the complete picture – in this post (Tan Tan & We Chat Dating Review) you’d learn about the hidden drama in Chinese dating and relationship market.

The women here are feminine, sweet, nurturing, loyal, and what not!

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