What does validating a website mean

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You need to be careful about your HTML and CSS in a content management system like Word Press.

It ensures that your web pages are interpreted in the same way the way you want it by different machines users, visitors to your webpage.

W3C’s Markup Validation Service is the easiest and the most popular tool available to check and validate your web page.

Using this tool you can spot every validation error ranging from the missing ALT attributes. Just try to eliminate the list of errors for building a fantastic Word Press Theme.

In computer modeling and simulation, the process of determining the degree to which a model or simulation is an accurate representation of the real world from the perspective of the intended uses of the model or simulation.3.

Execution procedure used by combatant command components, supporting combatant commanders, and providing organizations to confirm to the supported commander and US Transportation Command that all the information records in a time-phased force and deployment data not only are error free for automation purposes, but also accurately reflect the current status, attributes, and availability of units and requirements.

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You can gain an advantage against the pages which don’t validate in the SERP listings.

One of the discussions that arises from time to time in web development circles is that of validating your code. It’s no different than comparing a sentence you write to the rules of grammar for the language you wrote it in.

Some will insist your pages need to validate 100% and others will tell you it’s not even worth checking as long as your pages work. In fact the grammar analogy is a good one to keep in mind when you think of validating your code.

It checks your web page entirely to see that if the page follows those rules in a correct way.

Validation is the most important aspects of good web design.

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