Who is amrita rao dating

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Things continued this way till one warm Sunday afternoon in mid-May.

Facebook fans and Twitter followers of RJ Anmol were greeted by an adorable picture of Anmol and Amrita announcing their formal union to the world.

We wanted to announce it at the right time, and we did!

Irrespective of her statements, there was little she could do, or rather was doing, to hide her affiliation towards RJ Anmol, nor the fact that the media would obviously talk about the possibility of Anmol and Amrita Rao’s marriage happening.

As time progressed, the doting duo started making public appearances together, mainly at events where she would accompany Anmol.

Soon Amrita became a permanent fixture at the hospital.

But in spite of the glaring evidence of their romantic affinity, she stayed silent about it.

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