Who is billy dee williams dating

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Tyson was born into a family of African American ethnicity on the 18th of December, 1924 in New York City, New York, U. Raised in Harlem, she got the virus of acting growing inside her from a young age, after seeing the theater acts in the local market.With the rest of her family still in Africa, she lived only with her parents and had a hard time growing up.Having worked in TV and movies for such a long time, she was also a phenomenon on stage and theater.She used to work as a lead actress and has appeared in more than a dozen Broadway and off- Broadway acts. She was born as the only daughter of worker father William Tyson and a housemaid mother, Frederica Tyson.After a photographer for Ebony magazine discovered her in 1951, she worked as a professional fashion model and instantly became a sensation.

Some of her other famous roles include as Stephanie St.With many health problems bothering her, she is still alive despite the news of her death.A beautiful and attractive woman, she doesn’t seem to have a long list of boyfriends although she has been married and divorced on a couple of occasions.However, when it came time for Harvey Dent's villainous alter ego Two-Face to emerge in Batman Forever, Tommy Lee Jones was cast in the role of Two-Face instead.At the recent Wizard World Nashville Comic Con, a fan asked Billy Dee Williams if the original plan was for him to become Two-Face.

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