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However, she’s not my romantic partner — she’s my (platonic) best friend.We’re the best bisexual besties a girl could ask for, and I love the fuck out of her.It was a hell of a lot easier getting rejected online than in person. I know AOL chat rooms had a sleazy reputation as a hangout for "losers" and "pedos" looking for random sex encounters but I must say I had some awesome conversations on them getting to know people and we would spend many hours talking about our lives and our dreams and desires and fears.

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There’s the chance that they may not share the same vision of a new frontier where lovers become friends.

We walked awkwardly down the street, coming in other directions, making that awkward eye contact solely reserved for meeting someone you caught interest in on an i Phone screen and are finally seeing in real life. The sex toy can literally fall apart inside of your vagina.

Arriving at the same time, both dressed in all black, would be the first of many instances that prove we’re basically the same person. That’s sort of on Scorpio on Scorpio relationships work. Have you ever wondered about having sex with your clone? For the next month or so, we saw each other a few times a week. I think it took about two dates for us to begin stalking one another’s Instagrams and getting jealous of other people (I hope I haven’t scared you away from Scorpios).

We weren’t exclusive—and were both also dating men.

Both of our male partners hoped to get themselves threesomes out of the situation.

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