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But there were other turning points: more recently, my bachelorette party.

It was years ago, but I took a group of 10 women to Santa Barbara for the weekend, and we rented a house.

The stakes are so high that it's really scary for people to step outside their comfort zones with someone new.

For me, aside from my producer and my associate producer, I had never worked with anyone on the crew before.

There’s a group called the Film Fatales, and they have satellite communities in many cities across the country that foster women working in film and TV. One of the challenges we all faced was that a couple of department heads had worked with men in the past they loved and trusted and had a shorthand with.

Especially in independent film, that makes, in their mind, the day go faster; you can trust that your vision is getting to the screen.

It was super simple and low-key—I’m not a person who goes on a lot of girls trips or girls weekends.

At a certain age, hanging out exclusively with women becomes more rare because people partner up and you’re hanging out with more couples, with people’s kids, and family.

Part of what I wanted to experiment with on was seeing what it would feel like if none of those questions were part of the equation.In her own words, Lister-Jones reveals the reasons behind that groundbreaking decision. But what I had witnessed on a grander scale was that a double standard occurs with female directors in terms of how far they can spread their wings.There's this misconception that women are more limited.Adam Pally (as well as Fred Armisen, Hannah Simone, Brooklyn Decker, Retta, and others) about a couple who attempts to save their marriage by starting a band and using marital arguments as material for songs.Lister-Jones debuted the film at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and it immediately drew rave views for its script and performances.

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    The Upper Delta and Lower Delta regions are located along the Mississippi River and are full of history and culture.