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Yeah I love themblake: I cant I cant do this I cant Be Friends With someone Who LIKESSalt and vinegar chipsjinkies! blake: This is not a SPATI am disowning ALL OF YOUzoinks: hey!: idk they arent badblake: What the FUCK freddie: I love salt and vinegar chips I can’t believe you don’t like themblake: I CANT BELIEVE YOU DOTHEYRE DISGUSTING!! i didnt give an opinionwhy am i getting punished yoblake: Silence is voting for the other sidezoinks: ??????: were gonna watch movies and cryfreddie: Sounds like my kind of nightjinkies! : u ok thereblake: This is too fucking much for mejinkies!: sry sunshinefind ur own marinette timefreddie: Ok sure. : he thinks ur cuuuuuuuuuuteblake: *MUFFLED SCREAMING*jinkies!: i know ;* [photo of one of Alya’s younger sisters playing with the beagle]blake: Alya DID YOU GET A DOG FOR A FUCKING SKYPE JOKEjinkies! blake: I DIDNT MEAN TOzoinks: pffff didnt mean tomar you stuffed a kitten in your jacketblake: I WAS SEVENzoinks: IN YOUR JACKETblake: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH l i s t e n That kitten was cute and I named him felix and I loved himzoinks: for the two hours you had himfreddie: That’s actually really sweet Kind of adorablejinkies!: lmaoblake: I am literally Your dad is allergic to dog s??????? : i kno :’(zoinks: o shit i forgot about that babe did you actually get a dogthats a commitment im not ready forjinkies! if you got a dog its going to be as much a part of my life as yoursjinkies! : THATS WHAT I KEEP SAYINGblake: What about me trying to sneak a stray cat home in my winter coat is cutefreddie: Honestly, the entire conceptjinkies!

These machines are also in a non-domain joined DMZ so I'm not going to rule out any timezone / clock skew issues either.Updates Handler 3/12/2015 PM 10160 (0x27B0) Updates scan completion received, result = 0x0.Updates Handler 3/12/2015 PM 8396 (0x20CC) Initiating Scan."#but also we were thinking about adrinette chip discourse #it would be like #a 10k word chapter in wanna chat" reyna barely even asked bu T HERE I AMrey, frostedpuffs, and itsnotyou-itsmimi were arguing over salt and vinegar chips and i got dragged into the #chipdiscourse and here we arei mean other stuff happens.but the discourse is the important thing here(quick brush up on the nicknames:jinkies! : i feel alli IIIIIIVVVVEEEEEEEEzoinks: hey youre upjinkies!

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